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I have had the pleasure of working with Philips Lawn Care LLC on numerous town projects over the years. All work performed was done professionally, in a timely fashion, and of very high quality. Everything from lawn mowing to planting beds to brick sidewalk, was constructed with the utmost of care and consideration for my customers, the taxpayers of the town of Windsor Connecticut. -Yours, Glenn Cusano, Town of Windsor


from Brad Hastings

March 22, 2017

Dear Honorable Members of the Town Planning and Zoning Commission,

My name is Brad Hastings and I am a lifelong resident of Windsor. I intended to be at the March 14 meeting to personally show my support for Phil Thulen but that was cancelled due to the snow storm. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the rescheduled March 22 meeting.

There are many reasons to vote in favor of Mr. Thulen. Many of those are because of his high level of professionalism. However, I speak directly to the risk of losing Mr. Thulen as a generous Windsor community member if this request is not approved. By forcing Mr. Thulen to shut down his business and potentially forcing him out of his home this town is in danger of losing one of its most valued citizens.

Mr. Thulen is an excellent landscaper. That is a well established fact. However, he is also a model resident who exemplifies that exact character we should cherish and honor in this town. In the fall of 2016 my son Thomas made a wish, through the Make-a-Wish organization, to have his own handicapped accessible baseball field that ultimately became known as Fantasy Fenway. Many local businesses and individuals came together to help and Mr. Thulen was amongst the most eager and involved. Without hesitation, without asking for anything in return, Mr. Thulen donated thousands of dollars of materials and countless hours. He would come with his crew and help wherever he could. He reached out to others he knew and they volunteered and contributed as well. He went above and beyond more than most people know.

Once the project was completed Make-a-Wish held an opening day for Fantasy Fenway. Mr. Thulen helped put the finishing touches on the field that morning and even designed and landscaped a special area for Thomas' sister. However, I'll never forget on that day when Mr. Thulen pulled Thomas aside and said, "Thomas, I am your groundskeeper. Here is my cell phone number. Whatever you need you let me know. If you hare having a big game and need the grass mowed or the leaves blown off the field, you just call and I'll be there."

Mr. Thulen is everything good and right in this town. He is who we want our children to look up to and tell them to aspire to be like. I implore you to do the right thing and please vote in favor of Mr. Thulen.

Brad Hastings

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